"Stained Glass Windows and Art Merchandise are my living, on Exmoor in Devon and Somerset, England.
My studios straddle the moor, delicate glasspainting in one, hustle and bustle of construction in the other. Between the two is the most glorious and exquisite landscape: moorland slapped by the sea and red cliffs to the north; and lush rolling farmed countryside to the south.

Sometimes I stop and paint on the moor, or by the shore. Walking with my lovely dogs inspires fresh backgrounds for my work, the understanding of seasons, the habits of the moorland animals, the Red Deer, the Fox, occasional Cows, even Alpacas, oh and lots of lovely Sheep, both indiginous, like the Exmoor Horns and Devon Closewools, and interlopers too, like pretty Kerry Hills, Dorsets and Suffolks. Did I mention that I am partial to sheep?

My favourite bird, the Heron, makes her living in the rushing waters of the steep quiet coombs, and if you know where to look you will find them, along with secretive Dippers. The ozone you ingest just being by these fast waterfall laden waterways breathes life into you.

In springtime my windows and artworks are laid to one side, as lambs appear on the farms where I work, demanding care, expertise and love. It is an exhausting time of year, and takes its toll on an old bird like me, but I love it and wouldn't want it any other way. I think I mentioned I am partial to sheep.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and that you will support my art practice by thinking of my work when you need a little present for a lovely friend, or want to light up your world with a window.

Thank you"